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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Concerning Our Future (Update) - 12/4/12

Since the Last update, I received word that Rothberg would not accept me because I do not have a regionally accredited BA and my M.Div is not accredited at all. I sent this email out to those who work with the Biblical Language Center, asking for advice on how to be equipped to do what they do.

Shalom BLC Crew, 
I have talked with most of you individually about the possibility of my family going to Israel to continue studying Hebrew. I graduate this May from seminary and we feel that this would be the best next step in my preparation. I planned to pursue a master's degree at Rothberg in Jerusalem as a means of learning Hebrew and continuing my education. However (I talked with Brian and Randall about this at ETS), I have been in contact with the admissions office at Rothberg, and they will not accept either my undergraduate degree nor my masters of divinity, since neither are regionally accredited. 
That being said, I am back to square one. Do any of you know of universities or schools in Israel that might accept a student like me into a masters program? Or would you recommend (as Randall has) to apply for a BA at Hebrew University? Rachel, didn't you do your BA in classics at Hebrew U, and if so, how was that? Or are there any schools in the states that would sufficiently equip me in Hebrew (i.e., in order to teach it communicatively)? Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

Three days later, I got this replay from Brian Schultz, who teaches at Fresno Pacific University and is the son-in-law of the founder of BLC.

I have an idea that came to me recently that I thought I should pass on. FPU offers an Independent MA program (IMPA) in which you can piece together an MA (in other words, there is no set program you have to follow).  I wondered if they would accept you for it, even give you a year of graduate credit, so you would only have a year left that you would have to take here.  My idea was that if you were open to that, you could come here, and part of your MA would be helping with the Hebrew program here: teaching, tutoring, help with the Teacher's manual I am writing, help developing new materials for teaching, help with assessment, etc. 
The MA could be in ancient languages, and possibly also in Second Language acquisition.  Alternatively, you could take other Bible courses that interest you (we have a few good scholars here you might be interested in sitting in on their specialty courses). 
The idea is to get you an accredited MA as quickly as possible, while also enabling you to build on Communicative Language Teaching experience in a way you could not do anywhere else.  (Basically, you would be working with me and Rachel [my wife] on the Hebrew side of things.) 
These are the basics.  I can flesh it out more if it peaks your interest. 

This email (looking back now) would change the direction we were heading. The day we received it, Vanessa and I read it apart from each other, but both knew that this was the next step for us!

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