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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Concerning Our Future (Update) - 1/17/13

Hello Everyone,
It's been a while since we have given an update on our plans. In the last email I sent we asked for prayer concerning my acceptance at Hebrew University in Israel. Long story short, God closed that door (they would not accept me because neither of my degrees are accredited according to their standards). After we found this out, I emailed everyone I knew who worked for the Biblical Language Center (where Vanessa and I studied in Israel two summers ago), asking for any ideas on how I might best be equipped to teach the biblical languages communicatively. A week later I received an email from one of them who I have gotten to know the past three years at the ETS conferences I've gone to. His name is Brian Schultz and he teaches at Fresno Pacific University in Fresno, California. He suggested coming to FPU to study Ancient Languages and Second Language Acquisition through their Individualized Master of Arts Program (IMAP). He also mentioned that I would be able to help them in their Hebrew classes, tutor students, help develop curriculum, and help with a teacher's manual that he's working on. This would give me not only more training with the languages (along with an accredited degree), but also the opportunity to put into practice what I've already been equipped with, which I feel is much needed after so many years of education already.

Both Vanessa and I have felt a peace about this opportunity that neither of us felt as we pursued the Israel option. We've prayed a lot about it, and it seems very "right" to us (as well as to those we've talked to about it). We are still waiting to hear back from Brian Schultz concerning the details of the degree and other information that may influence our final decision. But at this point, if God sees fit, we plan to move to California this summer and begin the degree next Fall. Please pray for the following:

1) That we would hear back from Brian Schultz so we could continue with the application process.
2) If God opens this door, that he would orchestrate all the details involved in the transition, including moving, finances, finding a home, finding a church (this is something we are praying about in particular. Leaving Bethlehem and everyone we know here is not going to be easy, so we pray that God would provide a solid church where we could thrive, use our gifts, have close friends, be fed, serve, etc.)
3) That God would keep our family united and dependent on him during this period of "uncertainty."

We welcome any counsel or questions, since God's wisdom most often comes through the Body.

We are grateful for your prayers,
Scott and Vanessa

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