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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Concerning Our Future (Update) - 11/13/12

Hello again,
I wanted to give you all an update since my last email (for those who didn't receive the first email, I copied it below). Vanessa and I are seeing God put pieces together and perhaps giving us direction for next year. First, we decided to pursue a masters degree at Rothberg International University in Jerusalem and see if God opens the doors. I will most likely be applying shortly.

Second, while we were in Israel two summers ago, we heard of a place called Home for Bible Translators. They are located just outside Jerusalem. It is a ministry started by a Finnish couple (I think) where they take around 10 national translators from around the world to Jerusalem to study Hebrew, the Jewish culture, and the Bible for six months in order to make them better translators. Since we heard of it that summer, two other people I have "randomly" met have asked if we know about that ministry and saying nothing but good things about it. After looking on their website, it seems to Vanessa and I that this is right up our alley. It would perhaps be something we could both be involved with (volunteering) while we are in Israel and it would be a "safe home" for Vanessa and Moriyah while I'm at class, not to mention give her something to do :-) I have not contacted them, though, so you can pray that that might be a good opportunity.

Thirdly, I am leaving this week (actually, 10 minutes––yikes!) to go Milwaukee for the annual Evangelical Theological Society conference. Two years ago at this meeting is where this whole "Hebrew teaching thing" got started. I will be meeting with Randall Buth (the man who started the school we were at in Israel) to discuss our plans for going to Israel and whether or not I could potentially be involved at their school for those couple years. Please pray for this meeting (Thursday afternoon)!

In short, God seems to be moving. Thank you for those who have been praying for us. We will keep you posted.

Scott and Vanessa McQuinn

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