Greetings! Vanessa and I have just entered into the world of blogging (who would have thought!). We pray this blog will be a means for us to share what God has done and is doing in our lives. We desire that all who read will “stop and consider the wondrous works of God” (Job 37:14) which he has so clearly manifest throughout our relationship, and which we expect him to continue to manifest throughout our lives.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Provision Update 4 – 41%

Well, God has provided more since our last update two days ago! We are seeing him work in incredible ways as we seek his face in prayer. Today's sermon in church was quite relevant for us. Mike Bartlett, Bethlehem's church planting resident, preached on taking bold risks for God in the confidence of his love to us through Christ (The sermon can be found on this link). As we step out in faith for the sake of his kingdom, we are confident that he will meet our needs and fulfill his plans for our lives. Thank you all who have been means of this provision through financial and prayer support!

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