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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life Beyond Class

The last several days have been refreshing and encouraging for us. Both last weekend and this weekend we visited some friends who live here in Israel. They moved to a different city and we helped paint both their new and old apartments. It was a good break from our studies! Both weekends we called the same taxi driver (for our 45 minute ride) who asked why we are so interested in studying Hebrew. We told him we love studying the Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament) and knowing Hebrew better will help us. This opened a flood of questions: Why do you love studying the Tanakh? What do Christians believe? What is the New Testament about? He was very curious so we simply answered his questions explaining the difference between the Old and New Covenants and the person and work of Jesus. It ended with him asking where he can get a Hebrew New Testament, which we “just so happened” to have. Pray for Yosef!

On Shabbat, we visited our friends’ Messianic congregation and were blown away by the diversity! Four languages were used throughout the service. Hebrew was spoken from the pulpit, which was then translated into Russian, English (for the few of us visiting) and sign language! It was amazing to worship with these believers from around the world.

The is a picture of one of the song slides in the congregation. Top left: Hebrew. Top right: Russian. Middle: Russian phonetic spelling. Bottom left: Hebrew phonetic spelling. Bottom right: English.

On our field trip two weeks ago, we stopped at the Mediterranean Sea to act out and recite our Hebrew dialogue for that day––Jonah getting swallowed by the fish and then spit out onto the beach!

After acting out and reciting the reading, we had class under a Roman Aqueduct.
We also visited a Talmudic village. Here we are at the synagogue.
These were the students in our Jonah class. Unfortunately, we lost five students for the next two-week course, and we will gain one new student.

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