Greetings! Vanessa and I have just entered into the world of blogging (who would have thought!). We pray this blog will be a means for us to share what God has done and is doing in our lives. We desire that all who read will “stop and consider the wondrous works of God” (Job 37:14) which he has so clearly manifest throughout our relationship, and which we expect him to continue to manifest throughout our lives.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why "Canaan Bound?"

We chose Canaan Bound as the name for our blog for several reasons. It originally came from Andrew Peterson’s song by the same name on his album “Love and Thunder.” The song speaks of Abraham and Sarah as they leave their home and everything comfortable to go to an unknown land to which God has called them. They do this by faith, trusting in the promises God made to them which included overcoming impossible obstacles. Yet they had confidence in God who is sovereign over all circumstances and who is faithful to his word.
The song has been a consistent theme throughout our relationship. It was clear from day one that God was doing something impossible with us. Many people probably thought we were foolish for moving so fast, especially since we barely knew each other. But God gave us confidence in his sovereignty, and our “faith compelled and bore us on.” Now we’re married!
A second reason we chose this title is because we literally are Canaan bound. Vanessa and I are planning to go to Israel this summer to study the Hebrew language at the Biblical Language Center. We have prayed much about it and feel this is the best way we can prepare for our future of Bible translation and theological education. You can read our vision here.
The third reason we chose this title is because even after we go to Israel this summer, we are still sojourners here on this earth. God called Abraham and Sarah to go to an unknown land, but we read in Hebrews 11:9-10 that, “By faith [Abraham] went to live in the land of promise, as in a foreign land...for he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.” Yes Abraham physically moved to the land of Canaan. But there was a greater promise to which he looked. By faith Vanessa and I are children of Abraham, heirs of the same promise (Gal 3:29), and we are looking forward to the same heavenly city Abraham was. It is God’s promise of eternal life in Christ that compels us to go overseas and make Christ known to those who do not know him. We are not sure what our future holds, but we are confident that God holds our future. So may this blog be a journal for us to track God’s working throughout our brief sojourn here on earth. One day we will receive our inheritance in full, and we will see our great God face to face!


Gary McQuinn said...

Awesome! I love the title, and I love all three reasons. That song has been a theme for Jamie and I too. Since we seem to have trouble getting ahold of each other, I am so glad that you will be providing updates about what God is doing (however occasional they may be). Jamie and I will look forward to future posts. We love you both.

ritasand said...

I am so excited for you two! This was a great idea making a blog. I look forward to watching the Lord provide for this mission He is sending you on. I'm also praising God for your obedience. Love you both.

Sara said...

Very cool :) I am excited to follow your blog!

Donna said...

Love it! Looking forward to future posts!

Dan Warne said...

Sweet! I love following my friends' blogs! Looking forward to your unfolding story and seeing it further His.

Anonymous said...

I would follow you, but I don't really access twitter as much and I don't have the other accounts. However, I am thrilled with what ya'll are doing and look forward to seeing more posts in the future. Thank you for the reminder of our God being the God of the impossibles! ~Esther